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    Viveca is a modern and fresh fragrance, featuring the sweet aroma of apple and bergamot with a complex floral heart.

    The scent does not fail to delight the senses with its earthiness, finishing invigoratingly with notes of sandalwood and Tonka. The result is an exciting fragrance that you're sure to love!

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    A fragrance that links Modernity, masculinity, freshness and infusion of strong feelings, it is true to the label of a modern man.

    The fragrance is a charming combination of subtle citrus notes and spices.

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    The perfect gifting option from MARYAJ - Do you enjoy giving gifts? What do you like about it? The act of getting the perfect gift for someone special or even for yourself is deeply rewarding. You’ll enjoy your minute by minute contemplation, search after search until you find the perfect thing. Explore our unique Gift Sets & Combo's to find out more...

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Maryaj, a lifestyle fragrance - inspired by passion, craftsmanship, and nature for your every mood ❤