Maryaj is a young and trending brand from the House Of Ajmal Perfumes - the finest luxury perfume makers in the UAE, since 1951.

Borne from years of research, Maryaj was created to present high quality lifestyle fragrance with a hint of a' la mode and a tinge of youthfulness with a twist of unforgettable attraction. Yes, you can expect all of this and more with an array of selection from over 100 fragrances. 

One can find Maryaj in over 35 countries and the number is ever increasing. Years of untiring excellence in quality and service has won us the unflinching trust of our partners and consumers across markets.

"Pour homme et pour femme" from Eau de Toillette to Eeu de Parfum, Maraj offers a distinct expression of notes that compliment your personality and style. From rugged, masculine notes to the pristine, sweet notes of femininity. There's a Maryaj for everyone. The bigger question is, are you ready for the unstoppable attraction?

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