Scent of success and joy – Maryaj

Maryaj is a brand from house of Ajmal Perfumes that caters to consumers with contemporary likings and preference.
The tail of Maryaj history leads us to 1950’s, where the founder Haji Ajmal Ali began this journey with setting up a modest trading house in Perfumery Industry.
Maryaj is the outcome of years of research and development to create high quality yet reasonably priced perfumes for the global consumers. The brand has completed over one and half decade of fascinating journey of learning, growth and success. At present, the products are warmly welcomed and accepted in multiple markets across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. The brand consistently features amongst the top three brands in GCC markets according to the category data released by the top retailers.
We are delighted to bring to you our exclusive range of male and female EDPs for every lifestyle and personality - from rugged masculine notes to pristine, sweet notes of femininity. A whiff of our range of fragrances is sure to entice and keep customers coming back. Plus, when the gifting season is on Maryaj dreamy range of perfumes will be something to talk about.
We invite you into the world of Maryaj, for the lingering scent of success.