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Black Force & TARZ Combo for Men, Pack of 2 (100ml each)

Black Force & TARZ Combo for Men, Pack of 2 (100ml each)

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1 x BLACK FORCE Eau De Parfum For Men, 100 ml

Black Force embodies strength and force. It unleashes the vigorous power of citrus and aromatic notes, then channels an inner strength through a heart of bold florals and spices. The journey culminates in a resolute, woody, musky, and mossy base, leaving an indomitable, lasting impression. 

1 x TARZ Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 100 ml

In a hidden palace of the East, the scent of honey and geranium dances like whispers of ancient secrets. Jasmine blooms, entwined with labdanum and benzoin, a fragrant tapestry of opulence. Amber's warmth embraces tonka and vanilla, crafting an oriental Arabic fragrance that's a sensory journey through time, both rich and alluring.

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