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QISA Eau De Parfum Combo for Unisex, Pack of 3 (50ml each)

QISA Eau De Parfum Combo for Unisex, Pack of 3 (50ml each)

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1 x QISA-1 Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 50 ml

It's time to write a whole new story with the brilliant essence of Qisa – 1 from Maryaj. Its top notes open with a revivifying Citrus Spicy combo of fresh Lemon and exotic Saffron. At its heart, it is imbued with the Floral Leathery undertones of refreshing Rose, tantalizing Tuberose, and the mystique of Ylang Ylang. Rounding up its bouquet are its Ambery Musky Powdery notes of rich Amber, warm Musk, deep Orris, and a spritz of Vanilla. Indeed, this is a tale that is told in perfumed chapters of enchantment. One golden page after another.

1 x QISA-2 Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 50 ml

Imagine a fragrance that could recite a narrative of ephemeral aura. Now stop imagining and start discovering this with Qisa – 2 from Maryaj. The vim of Apple, the piquancy of Plum, and the pure tones of Saffron combine to craft its Fruity Spicy top notes. And enveloped within its Floral Woody heart are the perfumed beats of the refined trio of Jasmine, Rose, and Cypriol. What emerges, finally, from its effusive base are the Ambery Woody Musky hints of a magnificent accord that combines Amber, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk, and Vanilla. Truly, this is a narration par excellence.

1 x QISA-3 Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 50 ml

Many an unforgettable anecdote can be discovered and retold with the beautiful fragrance of Qisa - 3 from Maryaj. When you open its page of top notes, Floral hues of a fresh Rose and a seductive Jasmine will enrapture you at once. And when you come to journeying through its middle chapter; Woody's heart is redolent with the calmness of Sandalwood and the serenity of Patchouli. Finally, as its bouquet reaches a grand crescendo; the triumvirate of Amber, Musk, and an Oudh Accord brings out a feisty finale that's Ambary, Musky, Oudh.

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