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ROSE MUSK Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 100 ml

ROSE MUSK Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 100 ml

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Introducing the "Rose Musk" Eau De Parfum, a captivating blend of floral elegance and timeless allure. Encased in an opulent 100 ml bottle, this fragrance is a celebration of sophistication and passion. ROSE MUSK unveils a symphony of floral and spicy notes, harmonizing with the natural allure of rose and the deep warmth of musk.

Key Features - 

Unisex Eau De Parfum: Crafted for both men and women, "Rose Musk" wraps you in a luxurious embrace of delicate fragrances.
100 ml of Luxury: Immerse yourself in its charm with a generous 100 ml bottle that promises indulgence beyond measure.
Eternal Rose: "Rose Musk" pays homage to the timeless beauty of rose, entwining it with other exquisite elements for a truly exceptional experience.
Harmonious Symphony: A symphony of scents, the fragrance gracefully unfolds in layers of exquisite top, heart, and base notes.
Enchanting Bloom: Unveil the captivating bloom as top floral notes create an enchanting introduction, enthralling the senses.
Floral Spices: The heart notes combine floral elegance with a touch of spice, infusing the fragrance with depth and allure.
Woody Undertones: The base notes of woody richness and musk create a warm and inviting foundation that lingers on the skin.
Precious Ingredients: Crafted using an assortment of precious ingredients, including rose, iris, saffron, patchouli, sandalwood, cypriol, and musk.
Personal Expression: Ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions, this perfume becomes a personal expression of elegance.
A Tribute to Musk: While celebrating the allure of musk, "Rose Musk" crafts a unique identity that stands as a testament to sophistication.
Lingering Elegance: As the fragrance settles, it leaves a trail of elegance that lingers, creating an aura of timeless charm.

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