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WHITE MUSK Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 100 ml

WHITE MUSK Eau De Parfum For Unisex, 100 ml

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"White Musk" Eau De Parfum, a timeless and gender-neutral fragrance experience. Encased in an elegant 100 ml bottle, this perfume is a celebration of purity and sophistication. Explore a symphony of scents that harmoniously balance to create a uniquely versatile aroma. Moreover, it makes you quite simply marvelous. So, make your day special with everything possible as well as loving, dreaming, being yourself. It’s time to wear a second skin, with this amazing perfume. It also has many distinct ingredients mix together to give you the most beautiful aroma possible.

Key Features - 

Unisex Eau De Parfum: Crafted to appeal to both men and women, offering a universally appealing fragrance.
100 ml Elegance: Presented in a generous 100 ml bottle, providing an enduring essence that can be enjoyed over time.
Mystical Musk Blend: A fusion of bewitching top, heart, and base notes, each layer intricately woven to enhance the musky essence.
Enchanting Opulence: Embark on a journey with top notes that embrace the senses with a harmonious blend of citrus and aldehydic nuances.
Floral Elegance: The heart notes bloom into a floral embrace, adding depth and dimension to the musk-driven experience.
Sensual Depth: The base notes of amber, musk, and powdery undertones evoke a sense of depth and sensuality.
Ravishing Ingredients: Crafted with a selection of opulent ingredients including bergamot, lemon, aldehydes, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, heliotrope, amber, and musk.
Inspired Sophistication: While inspired by a beloved classic, "White Musk" stands as a unique creation, meticulously crafted to evoke sophistication without imitation.
Musk's Legacy: Drawing inspiration from musk's rich legacy, this fragrance embodies the essence of timelessness and refinement.
Enduring Charm: The combination of floral, musky, and powdery notes ensures that the fragrance lingers, leaving an impression of understated allure.

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